Waterproof Mattress Protector Bed Sheet

276.000,00 Regular price

Fabric Type : TPU Coating

Fabric Size :

120 cm x 200 cm x 35 cm

160 cm x 200 cm x 35 cm

180 cm x 200 cm x 35 cm

200 cm x 200 cm x 35 cm

Mass : 1000 gram

Dimension : 29 cm x 20 cm x 9 cm

Generic Colour : White

A product built to improve your sleep quality, and also protects your mattress from dust mites. The top layer absorbs body fluids released from our body every night, while the bottom layer is a waterproof layer which denies fluids to touch your mattress. Shaped like a bed sheet, it is very practical to use and has a fitted size to prevent sliding.