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Agalia - Bed Cover

2.089.000,00 Regular price

Fabric Type : 100% Sateen Cotton 100s
Spinning Count : 100s
Thread Count : 1000 TC
Mass : 2700 gram
Dimension : 50 cm x 33 cm x 12 cm
Generic Colour : Dusty Purple & Dusty Lavender

This Product is inclusive of:
1 Single-sized Bed Cover (170 cm x 240 cm) or

1 Doubled-sized Bed Cover (270 cm x 240 cm)

Sateen Cotton 100s highlights premium and elegant living. This type of fabric is made of 100% natural pima cotton which is spun up to high fineness. These yarns are then woven in a Sateen weave structure to create the silky look. While having similar cotton traits, it provides a cooling sensation when in contact with the body.